Zombie Author Robert R. Best

Zombie Author Robert R. Best

Robert R. Best is the author of the Memorial Trilogy of zombie novels:

Lakewood Memorial
Ashton Memorial
World Memorial

Best has also written the zombie short stories:
 “April’s Ministrations” in Zombology
“The Memo” in Letters from the Dead

About Robert R. Best

Robert R.  Best resides with his wife  in Missouri. He "dabbles in podcasting, audio production and Chinese cooking."  He also plays "way too many computer and video games"

Best has been featured on Free Zombie Fiction for his Lakewood Memorial web-serial. That book developed into a trilogy which is now published on Amazon.

As influences on his fiction, he cites Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, Mary Gaitskill and Kurt Vonnegut.
"Slaughterhouse Five was the first novel I read where I was excited about the prose itself. It was a revelation to me. My short and sometimes choppy style is an attempt to emulate him. I fall way short, but that’s what I’m aiming for."
Best admires Ketchum and Lee for their fearless and brutally honest descriptions that epitomize what horror writing should be. Gaitskill he admires because
"She writes characters who are in horrible situations and sometimes horrible themselves. She writes with a brutal, unflinching honesty, but manages to do it with a real warmth to her characters."
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What Makes Robert R. Best Unique?

Robert Best's wife asked him if he would write a zombie book for her. So he did. In the process of researching, he came to a simple conclusion. Zombies aren't really all that different from killer bees and volcanoes:
"I set out trying to figure out what a zombie story is. I hit on the idea that a zombie story is essentially a disaster movie. As such, the focus is on the characters and how they react to the disaster and not the disaster itself. The only difference is that the disaster is the zombie apocalypse instead of an earthquake, a volcano or a swarm of Africanized super-bees. Once I realized that, I was off and running."
 Best has a nice sense of humor. His bio ends with the statement:
"Hobbies include sneaking up behind people who are reading his bio. Watch Out."
We're not entirely sure if that also applies to this profile. Best to be cautious, though- so take a quick look over your shoulder to be sure you are safe.  Are you still here? Good. Then check out these links.

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Robert R. Best