Zombie Author S. Johnathan Davis

Zombie Author S. Johnathan Davis

S. Johnathan Davis is the author of two zombie novels:
900 Miles
900 Minutes (900 Miles Book 2)
Davis chronicled the process of writing and publishing of  900 Miles on his website: zombiebook.net.

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Twitter: twitter.com/900milesbook
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About S. Johnathan Davis

S. Johnathan Davis lives with his wife and two children in Atlanta, Georgia .He says: "I'm a bit of an outdoor nut. I love backpacking, skiing, mountain biking and even race in "adventure races."

Mr. Davis refers to himself as a Zombie Geek. He has read extensively, and viewed many films withing the genre. He is a fan of The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day by Day Armageddon.

About 900 miles, Davis says:
"900 Miles is based on a short story of the same name.  As long time “fan boy” of the zombie genre, I wrote the story that my inner geek would LOVE to read.
Inspired by a huge ecosystem of wonderful story tellers in the genre (and outside of it), this story is something special to me – a passion project if you will.
I would like to thank my wife, parents and friends for the support and inspiration to continue writing."
Davis's sequel, 900 Minutes is the continuation of his original story.

What Makes S. Johnathan Davis Unique?

Davis detailed the process of publication for his readers. Beginning with his initial ideas, through editing, query letters, and acceptance, S. Johnathan Davis posted his thoughts.
"I chronicled my adventures of going from an unpublished author who had never written a full novel, to being published by two separate publishing houses all on Zombiebook.net. I remember my very first post....I posed the question "Can a New Zombie Book Get Published?" I guess the answer to that question was "yes."
On that blog, Davis also shares various types of cover art for his book. It's interesting how different the artists' interpretations can be.  900 Miles is published by Severed Press, but there will also be a limited edition of the book coming out this year from King's Way Press.  That's where the different cover art comes in- The King's Way Press version will be a limited edition with some special extras.

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