Zombie Author Sean Liebling

Zombie Author Sean Liebling

Sean Liebling is the author of two zombie novels:

Blood, Brains, and Bullets

Legacy of the Living

Liebling is currently at work on the third book in the series, tentatively titled Sacrifice of the Damned

Sean Liebling also has a zombie short story  published in The Tall Book of Zombie Shorts.


About Sean Liebling

Sean Liebling lives in Newaygo, Michigan with his family. He is an active outdoorsman. He also enjoys shooting sports and is a licensed firearms instructor.  Liebling has served twice in the US Marine Corps. 

He is an active "prepper" with a down-to-earth sense of humor about his hobby.  
"He is also one of those evil Preppers and has all the stuff his characters have with the exception of an underground bunker. He is the ‘bug-in’ type and will stay and protect his community and the children, for he firmly believes they are our future. Does he expect anything to happen? Nope! But it costs him little to prepare, and he has a lot of fun with it; he is rarely serious."
In the creation of his novel, Liebling sought the assistance of a medical doctor in order to write about a zombie virus that could realistically come into existence in today's society. He also chose to deliberately represent what he calls "a typical survivor group dynamic." The characters in Blood, Brains, and Bullets are drawn from this research.  Liebling's Marine Corps service helped him maintain accuracy int he descriptions of weapons and weapons systems.

What Makes Sean Liebling Unique?

His first novel Blood, Brains, and Bullets has achieved a good deal of success. In spite of offers from publishers, Sean Liebling has decided to remain self-published for now.  He explains:
"I enjoy what I do and I am having an awesome time. The fans and support from fellow Indie authors has made it all worthwhile. I enjoy writing and especially enjoy the fan email, of which I receive a plethora."
This direct contact with fans is probably one of the strong motivators behind his choice to remain self-published.  He places this paragraph within his official biography:
"Sean is very approachable, so if you enjoyed his books and feel like dropping him a line, go right ahead. He will respond to each and every one. He’s met a great many of his fans now, and all were a pleasure to talk to. He also loves criticism. His feeling on that is that it helps him become a better writer. He knows he can only improve."
Readers can visit his website at Sean Liebling. Liebling also invites readers to friend him on Facebook or send email directly via his website.

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