Zombie Author Sean T. Page

Zombie Author Sean T. Page

Sean T. Page is the author of the Ministry of Zombies series of books:
The Official Zombie Handbook 

War Against the Walking Dead

The Official Zombie Handbook Australia

Meta-Horde – A Ministry of Zombies Novel
Page has also written the upcoming Haynes Manual on Zombies which will be released in October 2013.

About Sean T. Page

Sean T. Page lives in London.  He writes his zombie novels after hours.  His books are well-known for their high level of detail, particularly around survival techniques and the science of zombies.

Page has worked in business for over 10 years, having graduated from the London School of Economics. Trekking is a favorite hobby for Sean Page. He has trekked across wide terrain: the Alps, Patagonia, and the Sahara. 

Mr. Page created The Official Zombie Handbook and The Ministry of Zombies as an online resource seeking to advise the public on the ever-present threat of the undead. His second purpose was to entertain zombie fans:
95% of the population probably think I should be sectioned. The remaining 5% are who I rely on to spread the word – these are the folks who will survive a zombie apocalypse and help to rebuild our country in the aftermath. ... My secret passion is battling the undead and preparing the nation for the day the zombies arrive. A task for which my grammar school education has ably prepared me.
Sean T. Page maintains a website and Facebook page to showcase and inform fans about his work.

What Makes Sean T. Page Unique?

In May of 2013, Sean T. Page entered a nuclear bunker and spent almost a week completely alone inside.
"I don’t just write post-apocalyptic and zombie fiction, I try to live it. For example, in May I spent 5 days sealed in a nuclear bunker alone, cut off from the world. You can see the daily video blog on my website – uploading that was my only link with the outside world."
He documented his experience in writing on  the Omega Man Blog.

One of his motives for the experiment was to test the proposition that isolation would be one way to survive a zombie apocalypse. "It sounds tempting. Find a safe place and cut yourself off from the zombies, the virus, and the world. But, how would any of us respond to such a challenge. Few of us go an hour without a conversation, text or email crossing our paths."  Page hoped his  experiment would provide some insight into what it might be like to be a lone survivor.

Watch his daily video journals:

Sean T. Page: Five Descriptive Links

Sean T. Page