Zombie Author Stant Litore

Zombie Author Stant Litore

Stant Litore is the author of The Zombie Bible, which includes:

 Death Has Come Up into Our Windows
What Our Eyes Have Witnessed

Strangers in the Land

About Stant Litore

Stant Litore lives in Colorado with his wife and daughters.   He enjoys reading, playing chess, and studying dead languages. He has a passion for language in general. Mr. Litore is also fascinated with philosophy and religion. These interests are apparent in all of his works.

Stant spends a great deal of time with his family. He is a devoted father and husband.  Litore's wife is a photographer. The couple's oldest daughter appreciates everything zombie-related, from zombie shirts to her father's books. She also likes skulls.  Their youngest daughter suffered from a life-threatening illness as an infant.  Her story, and how that experience connected with Stant Litore's first publication, can be found in an emotionally moving blog entry.

Stant Litore writes every day, producing at least 1,000 words each day at a minimum.  This discipline is enhanced by his use of music. Virtually every time he writes, Litore listens to music that is “moody and symphonic” on his headphones. He says that the music helps to stave off writer’s block.

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What Makes Stant Litore Unique?

Stant Litore cites the influence of his teachers.  In second grade, Stant's teacher made him chief editor of the elementary school newspaper.  He also encouraged Stant Litore's creative side by patiently allowing hours of computer time.

 "..So I wrote stories. Stories about talking trees and dinosaurs on roller blades and top-secret missions to save the whales. Really important things.
Second-graders know what's important, even when adults forget."

He says he is also indebted to one of his later English teachers. He explains why in an anecdote. Paraphrasing will not do it justice. You'll have to hear it in his words.

"A comma splice," she said, is like a sleigh at the top of an icy hill, and the sleigh is a sentence, and the comma is a little boy. Now the sleigh starts to slide on down that hill and the little boy grabs onto it but the sleigh is just too powerful for that little boy and its momentum rips his arm right off and his arm is flapping in the wind, comma-shaped and spraying blood, as the sleigh careens down that hill of destruction. Now what you needed was a full-grown man, a semicolon, because he could have stopped that sleigh dead. Never send in a comma to do a grown semicolon's job."
That's how my English teacher taught grammar. I'm not even kidding. She said that. Almost exactly that.
Looking back, I think I understand how I became a horror writer."
 Indeed. The Zombie Authors Blog would like to meet this teacher. Wouldn't you?

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