Zombie Author Steven King

Zombie Author Stephen King

Stephen King is the author of the zombie novels
Pet Sematary (Is it or isn't it? Discuss.)
Stephen King has also written two zombie short stories:
"Home Delivery"
in Nightmares and Dreamscapes (also published in The Living Dead)

"The Return of Timmy Baterman"
in Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead 
(This story is closely related to Pet Sematary)

About Stephen King

Stephen King is, well, Stephen King. He lives in Maine with his wife, Tabitha. Mr. & Mrs. King have three children.  Sons Joe Hill and Owen King are both authors. Daughter Naomi is a minister in the Unitarian church.

King was inspired to write Pet Sematary while living on a busy road that was often fatal to family pets. So many pets were killed that the local children created a graveyard. He and his family were not immune to the danger.  His daughter's cat was a victim. King says:
"I can remember crossing the road, and thinking that the cat had been killed in the road--and (I thought) what if a kid died in that road? And we had had this experience with Owen running toward the road, where I had just grabbed him and pulled him back. And the two things just came together--on one side of this two-lane highway was the idea of what if the cat came back, and on the other side of the highway was what if the kid came back--so that when I reached the other side, I had been galvanized by the idea, but not in any melodramatic way. I knew immediately that it was a novel."
The inspiration for Cell was based on a much less significant occurrence. While walking on the street, Mr. King observed a man "talking to himself."  As the two menn came closer, King observed that the man was actually talking on the phone, using an earpiece. According to King's official website: "It was the incongruity of a person who may not be in touch with reality, but dressed in a business suit that sparked the idea for Cell."

Visit Stephen King's Official website or check out the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation

What Makes Stephen King Unique Ordinary?

He's a father. He's dealt with chronic pain. He was once a teacher, and also once a day-laborer.  He misses his mother. He's proud of his kids. He's married to a woman he reveres and respects. I don't know this for a fact, but I'll bet he eats a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in one sitting, just like everyone else, because he knows full well that there is NO WAY that's supposed to be four servings.

Really, Stephen King is completely ordinary, just like you and me.
Really. Just the same.  If we were deeply perceptive and compelling storytellers, that is.

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