Zombie Author Sue Edge

Zombie Author Sue Edge

Sue Edge is the author of

Dead Tropics
Blood Topics (coming 2013)
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About Sue Edge

Zombie author sue Edge spent the first six years of her life in Borneo before moving to Australia.
"..Thus my use of certain weapons in my book. A childhood spent traipsing through jungles, hanging with headhunters and riding rapids certainly instilled in me the desire for adventure – something I channel into my stories."
 Edge still has a strong sense of adventure. Just before her interview for this profile, Ms. Edge was traveling extensively in Vietnam.

A long-time fan of zombie fiction, Ms. Edge cites Stephen North and Rhiannon Frater as strong influences on her work.
"I’ve been a fan of zombie fiction for many years and, with each book I read, the desire to attempt my own zombie tale grew. I loved the adventure in Stephen North’s book, Dead Tide, and the feminine perspective of Rhiannon Frater’s As The World Dies series."

What Makes Sue Edge Unique?

An early cover for Dead Tropics
Sue Edge is unique in the way she directly tackles the issue of children in her zombie novels.  This may come from her perspective as a mother. 
"I look at each scene I write through the eyes of a mother and wonder ‘how I would react’? In most cases – the answer is ‘badly. Very, very badly.' ...As fun as the adrenaline-fueled scenes are, there is always the awareness of the lengths that a mother would go to in order to save her family. "
In one interview, Edge discusses this in more detail. She describes how her novel is aimed at parents in general. Her main characters (Lori and Mike) do have some similarities to her personality and life.

She's quick to point out that these characters seemed have "a mind of their own" when it came to romance. What interested her most, though, was the issue of family survival:
"But no one ever addressed the question I wanted answered – how do families survive disasters like zombie attacks?"
So she sat down to write something that answered that question. Once hooked, Sue Edge was absorbed by her story. 
"One day, I sat down and started writing. And writing. I wrote Dead Tropics in ten weeks straight and enjoyed every minute! For those weeks, I lived and breathed zombie apocalypse! Cooking dinner, driving to school, grocery shopping – I was doing some serious butt-kicking in my head."
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Sue Edge has used her unique perspective on family to enhance the zombie genre.  

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