Three Zombie Publishers

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Books of the Dead

Where is it? Books of the Dead Press

Books of the Dead Press has contributed several collections of zombie stories to the genre. Their latest zombie-related release is Ten Minutes from Home: Episode 2.

Now there's an Episode 3

The company was started by James Roy Daley in 2009. At the time, he solicited short stories for an anthology. His mission was "to create a publishing company that focused on releasing quality horror books by quality authors."Their first release ever was Best New Zombie Tales: Volume One in April 2010.

On the website, you can follow the development of the company as well as learn a little about the complicated relationships among authors, publishers, and, well, other publishers. It's clear that the blog/website and business are intertwined with James Roy Daley himself. He is unafraid to expose injustice in the business and offer advice to new writers. James Roy Daley offers book promotion services, in addition to commentary on the publishing business.

Permuted Press

Where is it? Permuted Press

Permuted Press started in 2004, with an anthology.  They have grown into a thriving press with a veryactive and intelligent community. Their zombie authors interact on the message boards regularly. Their tagline rocks. Go see it for yourself.

They were the first to pick up Z. A. Recht's work, when it was just the beginnings of the story online. Permuted also manages the discussion forums for Plague of the Dead.  

Permuted currently lists J.L. Bourne, Peter Clines, Craig DiLouie, and David Wong among its many successful authors. The company has partnered with Simon & Schuster, Ingram, and Waldenbooks. Permuted has an under $5.00 eBook section. They also offer wholesale options and audiobooks. Their site has a professional approach while still remaining accessible to new authors and curious readers.

Severed Press

Where is it? Severed Press

Severed Press is based in Australia. They pride themselves on producing quality horror, with a good portion of their work focusing on zombies. Their authors love working with Severed Press.

Severed Press does accept unsolicited submissions, provided the manuscripts follow their guidelines.

Severed Press publishes Joseph Talluto's White Flag of the Dead Series as well as Mark Tufo's Zombie Fallout. I noticed that the store link on the website seemed a little uncooperative. Here's a direct link to the ebooks on the site.

On the website you can find free stories in the "news" section. The current offering is SWAT by Brian Pinkerton. The story was originally published in Zombie Zoology, 2011.