Zombie Author Amanda Hocking

Zombie Author Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking is the author of



The Hollows 
(also available at comixology)

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About Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking lives in Austin, Minnesota with her roommate Eric, and several pets. She is a film fan, and lists John Hughes among her heroes. She also appreciates Shakespearean  romantic fantasy.
"I live in Minnesota with my dog, three cats, two fish, and my roommate/assistant/platonic lifemate, Eric,and his guinea pig, Dexter...I'm pretty sure I've seen every American movie that came out between 1980 and 1990, and I've loved them all...My heroes include John Hughes, Jim Henson, Mark Hoppus, and Batman. A Midsummer Night's Dream is my favorite play, and I want to watch it all the time.
Many people know Amanda Hocking as one of the first self-published authors to break into mainstream success. She tells some of the story about that process on her blog.  An Epic Tale of How It All Happened describes a general timeline of Hocking's writing process. The Magic Hand is a good example of how she stays grounded, even as her public persona grows more popular.

Amanda Hocking is refreshingly honest on her blog. Her post about writer's block is perfectly on point. It's titled How to GIVE Yourself Writer's Block.  Read to the very end to find the real message for authors.

What Makes Amanda Hocking Unique?

Amanda Hocking is a zombie author who demonstrates a unique combination of hard work, personal honesty, and perfectly-timed innovation.

Amanda Hocking originated the blog event Zombiepalooza in 2010. It was repeated in 2011.  Readers can find many of the original guestblogs and stories under the Zombiepalooza label at Amanda Hocking's blog.  Zombiepalooza included guest blogs and short stories. Taken together, these posts provide a range of thoughtful articles about the zombie genre and a good collection of  free zombie fiction/

At the time, the idea was completely new.  Some have credited the event with giving Hocking  the exposure that brought attention to her work and eventually led to a major book deal. Whether or not that is the case, Zombiepalooza offered a unique opportunity for authors and readers. Many other  zombie authors and bloggers have attempted to follow Amanda Hocking's lead, but she was among the first to create this kind of annual blog event. In her case, it not only worked, it created some lasting resources of great interest to zombie fiction readers.

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