Zombie Authors Blog Recap

The Zombie Authors Blog has been in existence for six months now. 

All portions of the blog are now open to submissions from authors, fans, and readers. Email Jule at juleromans (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to write something for the blog.  The blog exists to support authors and the genre. All content must be  original and unique. Content should fit the theme and purpose of the blog. Self-promotion is encouraged and welcome as long as it fits within these guidelines. 

In that time, many wonderful authors and zombie enthusiasts have helped this blog begin to grow. It's impossible to thank them all individually, but here are a few examples:

  • Jacob Kier and his original Permuted Press inspired the creation of this blog.
  • David Moody promoted the blog when it was barely a week old. This made a huge difference. 
  • Max Brooks graciously provided a personal interview.
  • Felicia Sullivan gave expert guidance and  helped to pioneer the "Zombie Editor" profiles.
  • Jay Bonansinga sent an author flash at exactly the right moment.
  • Ilsa J. Bick helped me start the "Where They Write" feature with her outstanding essay.
  • The entire Permuted Press community is an integral part of this blog's continued development. 
  • More than 100 authors, editors, publishers, and readers have contributed ideas and articles that enhance the blog.

Many others (some of whom prefer to remain private) have provided insight and information at critical times.

Thank you all very much. It is a pleasure to write this blog every day. I still go to the keyboard excited to see what you all will help me create next.

The purpose of this blog is to support zombie authors and enhance the zombie genre. 

The blog has expanded quickly. At the time of expansion, Zombie Authors was at nearly 150 hits per day. Since I expanded, that number has dropped because the views are spread among the four interlinked blogs. Each blog is now averaging about 60 hits per day.

There are now four separate sections.

Zombie Authors maintains a list of established authors. It also publishes author profiles, author flashes, and occasional features or interviews. 

There are some prerequisites for inclusion in the zombie authors section of the blog. This is the only section with limitations on participation.

Zombie Fiction publishes articles related to the zombie genre as a whole.

There are no prerequisites for inclusion in this section. Anyone is welcome to submit an article or request a feature.

Free Zombie Fiction features different free zombie reading every Saturday.

All readers and authors are invited to share their work here. I am eager to feature and support all authors of zombie fiction, in all its forms. I've said this before, but it bears repeating.

Free Zombie Books provides links to four free zombie books every Sunday.

Four books per week seems like a reasonable limit for most readers. Jule choose each of the books personally, but the free zombie books are not evaluated for quality or content. They are simply made available through the blog.