Zombie Editor Monique Happy

Zombie Editor Monique Happy

Monique Happy has edited zombie books for several authors. She's worked with authors of several different zombie novels:
Shawn Chesser (the Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series)
Sean Liebling (the Blood, Brains, and Bullets series) 
Mark Tufo  (some of the books in the Zombie Fallout series)

Happy has also edited works by:
Robert De Coteau
G.R. Mountjoy
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About Monique Happy

Monique Happy grew up in California. She's lived in southern California for most of her life. Her prior experience as a legal secretary gave her a taste of editing and proofreading. In her 26 years in that profession, Monique Happy made a living editing and composing legal documents. She earned her paralegal certificate before turning to editing and writing full-time.  She began her editing business in 2011.

Ms. Happy is a fan of science fiction and fantasy novels, with a particular interest in zombies.  she says "I must admit that my absolute favorite genre is apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic fiction."

What draws her to the genre is her interest in the human survival instinct and spirit under extreme adversity.
 "I love to lose myself in the world of the apocalypse. It’s not just about the drastic climate change or zombie virus or whatever else brought about the end of the world. It’s about the human spirit, our survival instinct, our true characters that come out when all that counts is where our next meal is going to come from and what we are willing to do to live one more day on this earth."
The authors for whom she has edited books also share her interest in that theme.  She adds:

I have extensive experience in editing fiction manuscripts, as well as legal papers and documents, having been a legal secretary for almost thirty years.
I work primarily with self-published authors. I am currently working with Shawn Chesser and Sean Liebling; they will be happy to provide references.
Monique Happy invites prospective authors and clients to contact her via email, which can be found in this posting on her website

What Makes Monique Happy Unique

Early in her school career Monique happy has a unique three-year hiatus from traditional classroom learning.
"When I was five, my parents took me out of school to debark upon a three-year journey around the world on our 40’ Newporter, the Caprice. Out of sight of land for days at a time, and rarely provided the opportunity to play with children my own age, I turned to books for entertainment and solace. My dad introduced me to J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and the Trilogy, and John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee series; I then moved on to “brown bagging it” – rowing over to neighboring yachts with a shopping bag full of books to trade. And so began my life-long love of the written word."
Her love of reading expanded into a love for creating her own stories. Although she writes primarily short stories and flash fiction, she has a zombie novel of her own percolating in the back of her head, just waiting for the right opportunity to come to life.

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