Zombie Author J.L. Bourne

Zombie Author J.L. Bourne

J.L. Bourne is the author of:
Day by Day Armageddon
 Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile
 Day by Day: Shattered Hourglass

J.L. Bourne
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About J.L. Bourne

J.L. Bourne cam from a small rural town in Arkansas. He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

Bourne is an active duty military officer. As part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, J.L. Bourne earned three Air Medal Strike/Flight awards and logged over sixty combat missions. Mr. Bourne is quite knowledgeable about survivalism and strongly defends the right to bear arms.

J.L. Bourne began writing Day by Day Armageddon with only a pad of paper. Then he posted the story, a bit at a time, on his website. He tried to keep the feel of a handwritten journal, with crossing-out, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes. His philosophy was that“There are no publishers or editors in the apocalypse.” Before long, his book was picked up by Permuted Press. Then it was acquired by Simon & Schuster, with an Audible version added later.

What makes J.L. Bourne Unique?

J.L. Bourne bought a dirt bike on or around July 3rd, 2010.  At that time, almost no one in his daily life knew that he was a writer. His family did not know. Only one person at his work knew. He said it was "lonely but cool" to have a secret life as a would-be writer.

Fast-forward three and a half years.

J.L. Bourne got a knife for Christmas. It was a gift from his wife. At this time, everyone knows that he is writer.  His family surely knows. His co-workers certainly know;  though they still give and receive advice.  He shares that he "learned to sing lullabies and love a little more" this past year.

J.L. Bourne is uniquely willing to share the personal details that make his readers feel they know him as well as they know his books. He manages to do this without revealing compromising information. I'll bet I know where he learned that skill.

Let's put all joking aside for a moment. This is a sincere THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, Officer Bourne.

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J.L. Bourne