Zombie Author John O'Brien

Zombie Author John O'Brien

John O'Brien is the author of the "A New World" zombie series:

A New World: Chaos

A New World: Return

A New World: Sanctuary

A New World: Awakening

A New World: Dissension

A New World: Takedown

About John O'Brien

John O'Brien is a former Air Force fighter instructor pilot. He transitioned to Special Operations for the latter part of his career.  There, he gathered his campaign ribbon for Desert Storm. After military service, John became a firefighter/EMT with a local department.

O'Brien also has experience in the Information Technology industry. He has started two large casinos in Washington as the Information Technology Manager. He later became the Network Manager for the Washington State Legislature, the Northwest Information Technology Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Network Systems Manager for Hollywood Video.

Currently, John is self employed with his own Information Technology consulting company. He also volunteers for a local youth center managing their computer lab.

As a former marathon runner, John lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and enjoys kayaking out in the waters of Puget Sound, mountain biking in the Capital Forest, hiking in the Olympic Peninsula, or pedaling his road bike along the many scenic roads.

Find out more about John O'Brien at his website  A New World

What Makes John O'Brien Unique?

John O'Brien began writing after reading several novels within the zombie genre. He had several post-apocalyptic stories running through his head for years prior and was always thinking on survival scenarios. O'Brien says:
"The two clicked in the my head one evening while reading and the story emerged, begging to be told. I wrote the first one over a summer while volunteering. As I continued to write, the story and characters continued to grow, as did my style and voice of writing, until they are almost their own entity. They crowd the meager space inside of my head and let me know when the next part of their tale needs to be written. I don’t have much say in story line and am merely the conduit through which the survivor’s tale is told."

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