Zombie Author Stant Litore Produces a Book Trailer

Stant Litore has created a book trailer for The Zombie Bible.   
Take a look.

Stant Litore's Comments:

 Production and Design

I produced the trailer on a whim, using Animoto. The script and selection of images is all me; the design is all Animoto.
I used the art from the series as well as the public-domain art of Gustav Dore; I grew up with his moody illustrations of the Bible and Dante. I had the idea to do the trailer when I saw Victor Gischler's book trailer, so it is definitely a stolen idea.

 News from Zombie Author Stant Litore

No Lasting Burial, the next book in the series, comes out as a Kindle Serial starting November 12
My current project is Against the World's Madness, an epic-fantasy-length novel in which one woman leads thousands of refugees out of zombie-infested, ancient Rome. It will be a truly massive novel, with set pieces that include the Colosseum converted to a refugee camp and a desperate flight down the Appian Way lined with thousands of crosses on which writhe the impaled and restless dead.
You can follow video updates on my website as I work on the novel: http://stantlitore.com