Zombie Author Sean T. Page Releases The Haynes Zombie Survival Manual

A New Release from 

Zombie Author Sean T. Page

The Haynes Zombie Survival Manual

Release Date: 
November, 2013

This book is part of the famous "Haynes Guide" series The Haynes Guides are most famous for their glossy A4 sized hardbacks which are fully illustrated.  They offer ‘how to’ guides on everything from the 1974 Ford to the Death Star and USS Enterprise. Now, Haynes offers a Zombie Survival Manual.

From The Author 


"All of the content is backed up with science and a degree of insanity. It very much fits in with my more hardcode The Official Zombie Handbook, which has become a staple in every zombie prepper's bug-out bag here in the UK and Ireland. You can also find out about my period of isolation in an old nuclear bunker at my website – www.ministryofzombies.com"

The Premise

The book is designed to be used. It’s hardback and you can toss it around as you use it. 

There are loads of step by step instructions in there from how to kill a zombie to how to develop a survivor settlement. 

It’s meant to be a working book like all Haynes manuals. 

It’s sharp and focused on the information you really need to stay alive.

The Content

The science of zombies is covered in some detail – it’s stuff you need to know. It explains how the virus is spread and the symptoms. 

The Bug Out Bag spread is pretty detailed and will help you narrow down that list to what you really need. 

There are some key sections on the various types of zombie that will develop as the zompoc takes hold – again, the key information you and your survivors need to know.

The Experts

Sean T. Page is the founder of the Ministry of Zombies, and the author of four other full-length zombie books as well as many zombie short stories. Read Sean T. Page's zombie author profile to find out more.

Dr Khalid Ahmed kindly wrote much of the science section. He has been a central part of all the Ministry of Zombies books. 

Retired Gulf War veteran Steve Langdon prepared the parts on the Zomb-Chair and much of the content on how those with disabilities can battle the dead and survive.

The Zombies

The book covers all confirmed and documented zombie types. This is not a supernatural horror book – it’s more a science-based survival manual. 

So, we are talking classic shuffling zeds, bloaters and crawlers etc.

This Haynes Guide presents the facts we know to date. For sure, there are areas we don’t understand but the RNA virus is outlined here in full. You won’t find any voodoo in this book.

Some Final Thoughts

Feedback has indicated that readers find our content amusing as opposed to scary. And, many of the surveys in the book did yield some bizarre results. I hope this book will be the one people grab when the walking dead arrive, if only to hit them with, as it is a hardback.