Zombie Author Bryan Cassiday'Releases Poxland

Zombie Author Bryan Cassiday has a new Release


Date of release
 November 26, 2013

This is the fifth book in the Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse series. The readers who will like this book the most are those who are interested in conspiracy theories as well as in zombie apocalypses.

The Premise

The origin of the zombie apocalypse is a virus created by the US government and a secret organization with an ulterior motive.  The arrogance of the plague's creators and disseminators leads to their destruction.

There are three major settings:
  • The desert that is Las Vegas. 
  • Area 51, which is located in that same desert, and, in my book, is a vast bunker complex. 
  • The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Virginia, where the remaining leaders of the Unites States government are taking refuge.

The Characters

Hector Guzman is a billionaire drug dealer who wants to improve mankind and himself, no matter what it takes to do it--even if it means infecting everybody with plague.

Black ops agent Chad Halverson is planning to stop him from taking over the country, even if Halverson's own government is trying to drone him for knowing too much.

The Zombies

The characteristics of the zombies in "Poxland" are that they move in slow herky-jerky movements and eat living human flesh. In this manner, they are Romero-type zombies rather than fast-moving Danny Boyle types.

Author's Notes

Style-wise, it is pretty much the same as my previous four Chad Halverson books. However, in "Poxland" I try to concentrate more on the aftermath of the nuclear explosions that were meant to wipe out the zombies rather than on the actual zombie apocalypse. In actuality, the bombs didn't exterminate the creatures. The survivors of the plague are living in bunkers now, and there is also political intrigue going on.

Bryan Cassiday