Zombie Author Edward P. Cardillo

Zombie Author Edward P. Cardillo

http://www.amazon.com/Am-Automaton-Kafka-Rising-ebook/dp/B00DK8LFFI/?tag=juleromans-20Ed Cardillo is the author of two zombie novels:
I Am Automaton
I Am Automaton 2: Kafka Rising

 Ed Cardillo's zombie short stories from The Tall Book of Zombie Shorts:
"The Reanimation of Anthony"

"The Hunter in Hurtgen Forest"

About Edward Cardillo

Edward P. Cardillo lives in New York with his wife and son. He is a clinical psychologist, specializing in childhood anxiety/phobias, autism spectrum disorders, maladaptive behavior, and geriatrics.

His evening work as an author takes him int many genres: horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy. Cardillo  is also active in the zombie community, regularly appearing on Zombiepalooza Radio. Edward also participates in the Bronx School of Letters Writing Conference. There, he serves as a fiction workshop leader. This work helps youth from all over New York City develop their writing and identity as writers.

Of his own teachers and inspirations, Edward says:

"H.P. Lovecraft was a tremendous influence on my writing. I love the way he elicits terrifying images of his monsters without actually describing them. Rather, they are described through characters’ reactions to them. As a psychologist, I also enjoy the way he plays with isolation and madness. Orson Scott Card’s lean and direct prose was also a big influence on my writing."
Cardillo keeps a website at: edwardcardillo.com

What Makes Edward Cardillo Unique?

Ed Cardillo says that his first ventures into the zombie genre began with short stories. Drawing on his clinical experience, Ed Cardillo created an autistic character named Anthony. Cardillo says that his experience with anxiety and phobias, as well as death and bereavement work, have definitely colored he writing. In his opinion, zombies embody a whole host of phobias and the ultimate in “not letting go” regarding death. He has been  able to draw from some very real feelings regarding death and loss, especially soon after the death of his beloved mother.

As Cardillo explored these themes, an inspiration appeared from an unlikely source:

"When the United States was still hunting Bin Laden, I was up late watching the news one night, listening to how the Afghanistan cave systems were impenetrable to U.S. military forces (that was when we thought Bin Laden was hiding in a cave somewhere). So the thought popped into my head…what if we poured zombies into the caves in large numbers? They don’t need to sleep, dehydration is not an issue, and they never quit…they can just wander the caves and eat any terrorists that they find."
This awareness was the beginning of the zombie Infantry Drones (or ID). Thus,  the series known as I am Automaton was born.

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