Zombie Author Max Brooks

Zombie Author Max Brooks

Max Brooks is the author of
World War Z
The Zombie Survival Guide
The ZSG: Recorded Attacks
Extinction Parade
Closure, Limited

Brooks keeps the usual web presences-
Max Brooks' Zombie World
Max Brooks.com

About Max Brooks

Max Books and his wife, Michelle Kholos, have one child. Brooks credits Michelle as the essential inspiration in his life and work.
"She is my teacher, my best friend, my true other half. Her wisdom, honesty, depth and passion make me feel like I've won the lottery. No matter what the future holds, I know I can face it with her by my side."
An early book cover for ZSG

Brooks worked as an actor, voice-over artist, and  comedy writer before publishing his zombie novels. His first ideas for zombie fiction came in the mid 1990s.
"I must have been in Graduate School, back in 1996, in Washington DC. Back then, it was the murder capital of the world and everyone who lived there had crime in the back of their minds."
His living conditions  and a case of insomnia combined a daily dose of Dawn of the Dead, and his imagination brought the rest to life. At the time, he was living alone.
"I was living in a basement apartment with iron bars over the tiny windows and a steel plate welded to my door. That was a time in my life when I was watching Dawn of the Dead pretty much every day, and so one night, as I was trying to sleep (before having a kid I was a crazy insomniac), I started thinking 'Well, zombies can't get in, at least not right away, and I've got water from the pipes and air from the chimney, but what else would I need to survive?' "

Since that time, Brooks has created several different versions of the zombie apocalypse. His distinguishing feature as a zombie author is his ability to demonstrate multiple perspectives within a single piece of work. Within his humor writing and his novels, there are always at least three or four very different ways of viewing the zombie apocalypse. Sometimes these perspectives come from individual characters (as in World War Z). Sometimes the alternate views are part of the work itself (as in The Zombie Survival Guide). Now, with Extinction Parade, Brooks demonstrates a more immediate, action-oriented approach.

What Makes Max Brooks Unique?

Max Brooks seems to have a unique ability to describe his emotional connections with others. He describes his inspiring relationships with a unique simplicity and clarity. This directness makes him memorable. 
"The first person would have to be Frank Darabont. We've recently become friends and it's never a wasted moment hanging out with him. I've learned so much from him, about dealing with criticism, about taking time to enjoy the moment, about overcoming setbacks and staying true to your passion.
The second person would be my friend who's now a he but used to be a she. My buddy, who I've known since high school has taught me what real courage means and his battle to be the person he is meant to be constantly puts my 'problems' in perspective"
As he describes the location where he works, that  unique ability appears again. Brooks currently keeps daily contact with his father, by writing in his father's home:
"I write in my dad's attic. I started working there when we moved back to L.A. right after my mom died and I was building a home office next to my house. I figured I'd clear out my parent's, now my father's attic for a temporary office while I was waiting for my real one to be finished. I figured I'd save a ton of money on renting a space and, more importantly, I could keep an eye on my dad who had just turned 80 and just lost his wife. He got so used to me being around (he's never lived alone) that once my home office was complete, he didn't want me to leave. So I see him every morning for breakfast before he goes to work, and then I head upstairs to my work."
The father Max refers to above is the legendary movie producer Mel Brooks. Max Brooks is the son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft.

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