Zombie Author Isaac Marion

Zombie Author Isaac Marion

Isaac Marion is the author of the zombie novels:
 Warm Bodies
The New Hunger (A Warm Bodies prequel)

Marion has also written a zombie short story, which was the basis for Warm Bodies.
 I Am a Zombie Filled With Love
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About Isaac Marion

Isaac Marion lives in Portland, Oregon. He was born and raised in the Seattle area, and his family still  lives in Washington. According to Marion, he  "divides his time between writing, playing obscure instruments in obscure bands, and exploring the country in a 1977 GMC motorhome named Baleen."

Marion began writing while in high school. He self-published several different novels before Warm Bodies. Currently, he is working on a sequel. In the process, Marion also maintains a presence on many social networks and is available to answer all kinds of questions from his fans.

Many readers know that Isaac dedicated his book to all the foster children he met while working as a visitation supervisor in the Pacific Northwest. His experiences inspired him to develop the warm bodies project. The organization aims to "Stop Youth Zombification" by providing access and support for the arts, especially for foster children. The project is connected with Fremont Abbey Arts Center

What Makes Isaac Marion Unique?

Isaac Marion doesn't need anything to MAKE him unique. Isaac Marion IS unique.

With that said, there is an intriguing sideline that makes Marion particularly engaging.
Isaac Marion's Nood Pix  is a collection of Marion's photography. The pictures are taken from Isaac's travels. In his words:
"I am Isaac Marion. I live in Portland, where I write books such as WARM BODIES and THE NEW HUNGER. I have legs and a bike and a car and a motorhome, and they take me many places. Photos and thoughts ensue. "
It's hard to decide which is more compelling, the photographs or the commentary. Both work together to create a memorable impression. One example:  An airport security checkpoint. It is the caption that turns the photo into a combination of art and history.

It's not just the captions, though. It is also the range of subjects Marion chooses to photograph. There's a loveseat in an overgrown field. There are Icelandic rooftops. There is the place where the sun sleeps. Take a look. You'll be intrigued, too.

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