Zombie Author Peter Clines

Zombie Author Peter Clines


Peter Clines is the author of  the zombie  novels:

The Junkie Quatrain

His short story "Dead Men Can't Complain" was included in the zombie collection The World Is Dead

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About Peter Clines

Peter Clines grew up in Maine, and now resides in Southern California. Clines has extensive experience in the film industry. He has worked in film for over 15 years. He has written interviews, reviews, and articles for the magazine Creative Screenwriting, and for websites like Cinema Blend.

Peter Clines maintains a website for writers called Writer on Writing .  His blog offers advice to new writers about how to create stories that have real quality. Sometimes he discusses continuity in setting, and sometimes he describes how to enhance the challenge in a story. Clines ends each blog entry with "...go write."

On Scalzi's website, Whatever,  Peter Clines describes his book series:
"Of course, Ex-Heroes is about superheroes fighting zombies in post-apocalyptic Hollywood... Zombies have been showing up in comic books for decades.  And my zombies aren’t even anything special.  They’re the classic Romero shamblers. ... So I suppose my Big Idea was the superheroes.  I’d been a big comic geek as a kid, and I’d created lots of heroes all through grade school.  Plus, as someone who still dabbled in comics now and then, I missed the classic superheroes I grew up with and wanted to write characters more like that."

What Makes Peter Clines Unique?

For his "Ex-" series, Clines did a rather physical form of research.
I spent a day hiking along the path the Big Wall would follow through Hollywood to familiarize myself with the streets and nearby buildings, and also few some other parts of Los Angeles that feature into the book. 
This also made me realize some issues I was going to have as I tried to remember what was in some areas back “when the world ended” as opposed to what’s there now.  This is becoming more and more difficult as the series continues.  I can’t reference anything from after the summer of 2009.
In the series, the world social structure crumbles in the year 2009.  As Clines mentions, this offers a few unique challenges to his writing process.  He seems well able to balance the details and demands.

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