Zombie Author Adam Baker

Zombie Author Adam Baker 

Adam Baker is the author of the zombie novels:



Impact (available in US- Spring, 2014)

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About Adam Baker

Adam Baker is an author and screenwriter from the UK.  Baker grew up as the son of a  priest in Gloucestershire.  He attended the King's School of Gloucester. Baker has lived in New York, London, and Atlantic City. 

Mr. Baker has some insightful views about the attractiveness of zombie fiction. He has articulated these in blog entries, interviews, and video appearances.
"We all wonder how we will react when the end comes. We might not directly address this anxiety by reading memoirs written by people battling terminal illness. But fantasy fiction, particularly horror fiction with its trademark preoccupation with physical decay, acts as a collective subconscious. Worries suppressed in our waking hours emerge in our dreams.
Zombie stories confront us with mortality, but also offer a route to transcendence."
In his zombie novels, Baker extends this idea. He also uses the theme of self-sacrifice for the good of the group. 

In his  published reflections, Baker also considers the anxieties present in everyday life. He's able to weave those together with some of the themes and recurrent plot points in contemporary zombie fiction. This intelligent discourse combines with insight, but never slows down the action of his novels.

What Makes Adam Baker Unique?

Adam Baker worked as a gravedigger when he was a young man.
"My dad was the vicar of a small country parish in the Cotswolds. Most of these ancient graveyards are no longer used for burials. However a gravedigger is still required because these churchyards are, quite frankly, awash with human remains.
So whenever work is done in an ancient churchyard, whenever anyone digs a drainage trench or uproots a tree, they inevitably unearth a mass of skeletal remains. These have to be reburied with appropriate ceremony.
That was my pocket-money job as a kid"
It makes sense, then, that as an author he might choose to focus on the undead. Read more about Baker's grave digging experiences in this interview.

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