Zombie Author D.J. Molles

Zombie Author D. J. Molles

D.J. Molles is the author of the "Remaining" series of zombie novels:

The Remaining




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About D. J. Molles 

D.J. Molles lives in the Southeast with his wife and daughter.  He works full time and writes in the early morning or evening- sometimes both. When not busy with these things, Molles spends time with his family.

Recently, Molles' series was picked up by Orbit Books. The entire series will be re-released in paperback to a wider market. This engendered a good deal of attention for Molles, but he will not be spoiled by it. He insists that he is only an ordinary family man. Even when prompted to brag, Molles keeps the focus on practical matters:
...Just a humble public servant. When I’m not working or writing, I’m mowing the lawn and taking out the trash and spending what little time I have left with my wife and daughter."(ZombiePop)
 On the level of writing, Molles thinks this sort of approach makes him better at creating stories. He  avoids over-marketing himself and tries to keep from becoming more of a promoter than a writer:
"I just don’t want to be that guy that walks into a room and keeps trying to turn the conversation to himself. Nobody likes that guy. And, at the end of the day, I really don’t want to push my books on people. I’d rather my work speak for itself." (MLDoyle)
D.J. Molles cites Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Cormac McCarthy as some of his favorite authors. He says that the military experiences of his colleagues and family have also influenced his writing. 

What Makes D. J. Molles Unique? 


D.J. Molles developed a shooting competition with a zombie theme. He and his friends developed this competition several years ago
"Long before I wrote The Remaining, I came up with a shooting competition that I conducted with some of my colleagues that I called ‘The Zombie Apocalypse’, where you had to run through a woodland course, shooting targets with various firearms, and you had to hit them in the head.We still do it to this day." (ZombiePop)
Being a bit ahead of the game makes D.J. Molles unique. That, and the fact that Molles may  actually be looking forward to the zombie apocalypse

"Recently, someone hung a picture above my desk that has an M4 on it and it says 'The hardest part about a zombie apocalypse will be pretending I’m not excited.' I guess I’ve just always found the genre fascinating."

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