Zombie Author Michael W. Garza

Zombie Author Mike Garza

Mike Garza is the author of the zombie novel:

The Hand That Feeds

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About Michael W. Garza

Michael W. Garza works in the aerospace industry. He and his wife have three children.
"I spend a majority of my time being a father to three children and a husband trying not to watch too much sports. My work week revolves around my job in the aerospace industry and my weekends around my kids."
With an active family life, Garza finds quiet time to write when others are sleeping:
"I fit my reading and writing in where I can get it. I've spent many late night quiet times typing away after the rest of the house is asleep. I've found it's during those dark and quiet times that I write my most terrifying material."

What Makes Michael W. Garza Unique?

Garza began writing zombie novels because he wanted to add some new ideas to the genre
"I started a zombie book and I found it predictable. I did some research and discovered a little originality in the field. I started The Hand That Feeds with the idea that I wanted to make it unique. I wanted to make the plot and the characters matter."
Garza enjoys reading science fiction and biographies more than horror novels. His love of horror comes from films. He says: "I've always thought that my lack of attachment to written horror has been the reason for my writing style which produces out of the ordinary stories."

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