Zombie Author Kevin J. Anderson

Zombie Author Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson is the author of the "Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I." series

Death Warmed Over

Unnatural Acts

Hair Raising

Slimy Underbelly (September 2014)

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About Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson grew up in  a small town in Wisconsin, an  environment he calls "a cross between a Ray Bradbury short story and a Norman Rockwell painting." After establishing himself as a writer, he lived in California for many years.

Mr. Anderson began writing at a very young age. Beginning with a storyboard version of War of the Worlds when he was five, Anderson progressed to a handwritten "novel" at age eight. When he was ten years old, Kevin Anderson purchased his first typewriter and began writing regularly. 

As an adult, he had a 12-year stint as a technical writer and editor at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

He and his wife, Rebecca Moesta, now reside  and write together in Colorado. Anderson is now:
"an avid hiker and camper, doing much of his writing with a hand-held voice recorder while on long walks in Death Valley, the redwoods, or the Rocky Mountains."
Anderson is a highly acclaimed author in the science fiction genre, with nearly 75 successful titles in several different series, in addition to his successful "Dan Shamble" zombie books.

What Makes Kevin J. Anderson Unique?

Kevin J. Anderson earned a trophy for being "The Writer with No Future" because of the massive number of rejection slips he accumulated-- over 750 in total. 

According to his official biography, Anderson:
"...submitted his first short story to a magazine when he was a freshman in high school, and managed to collect 80 rejection slips for various manuscripts before he actually had a story accepted two years later (for a magazine that paid only in copies).
He also:
"Could produce more rejection slips by weight than any other writer at an entire conference."
These rejection slips never slowed him down. 
"When asked for advice about how to be a successful writer, he answers quickly: PERSISTENCE!"
With over one hundred successful published books, and success far outweighing all rejection, Kevin J. Anderson has every right to give advice.  

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