Zombie Author Suzanne Robb

Zombie Author Suzanne Robb

Suzanne Robb is the author of two zombie novels:

Z-Boat  (now re-released by Permuted Press)
Robb has also written zombie short stories that have been included in the following volumes:
Tales of the Dead
Wake Up Dead 
A Quick Bite of Flesh

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About Suzanne Robb

Suzanne Robb enjoys gardening and spending time outside in the summer. She is also an experienced do-it-yourself home renovator.

Robb explains her writing process as mostly internal, and spontaneous, when she first gets an idea. Writing simply come naturally to her. She says: "The ideas are in my head. I write about so many different things, I could not imagine not doing it. After that, she creates a more formal structure to keep the story flowing. "I get an idea, outline it on paper, summarize each chapter, and then sit at the computer and type."

Suzanne Robb admires the work of Christopher Moore, Jasper Forde, and Gregory Maguire. In the zombie genre, she's a fan of Thom Brannan and Peter Clines.

What Makes Suzanne Robb Unique?

Suzanne Robb is an avid LEGO fan. She has certain favorite pieces:
"I like the Star Wars LEGOs, and have the collection issued about 5 years ago for their anniversary. My prized one is a foot and a half tall Yoda. About 4,000 pieces. My goal is the Death Star one day."
As a LEGO enthusiast, Robb is a contributor to the "Bricks of the Dead" website. She wrote a series of articles titled "The Zombie Manifesto" that continued on the site from January of 2012 to July of 2013.

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