Zombie Author Manel Louriero

Zombie Author Manel Louriero

Manel Louriero is the author of three zombie novels:

Apocalypse Z- The Beginning of the End

Apocalypse Z: Dark Days

Apocalypse Z:  The Wrath of the Just

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About Manel Louriero

Manel Louriero was born in Spain. He currently resides . He holds a Law degree from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Louriero has also worked as a television anchorman.  After this, he began writing screenplays.  It was this interest in screenplays that led to the creation of his first novel, Apocalypse Z.

He is the first famous author of zombie novels set in Spain. Mr. Louriero's  two zombie novels have gained a cult following across the world. They are bestsellers in Spain, Italy, Brazil as well as the United States. The novel series began as a popular blog.

Manel Louriero is still a practicing lawyer in Spain. All his books are written in Spanish, then translated to English by Pamela Carmell.

What Makes Manel Louriero Unique?

 Apart from being one of the few zombie authors who have achieved cross-cultural popularity, Manel Louriero is unique because of his appearance. Certainly, he is attractive. But, he also seems to bear a resemblance to a legendary American film actor.

Does this picture remind anyone else of  a young Al Pacino?

Manel Louriero

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