Zombie Author Paul Loh

Zombie Author Paul Loh

Paul Loh is the author of two zombie novels:
The Nocent 2: Advent of the Scathing

The Greater Number
Loh also has two short stories
Brady's New Leaf
Haley's Secret Sacrifice
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About Paul Loh

Paul Loh is a former SONAR tech on US Navy submarines. Paul Loh is currently majoring in Music. He has written and recorded nearly 100 songs over the span of two decades for several different bands. 

Loh is an all-around creative artist. He is a writer, actor, and musician. Paul Loh is an experienced stage performer:
He has appeared in two movies: 'Ambush At Dark Canyon' and 'Hot Bath An' A Stiff Drink 2'. He has appeared on stages all over Tucson, Arizona performing stand-up comedy and improv comedy in the Peanut Gallery troupe.
He often uses his family background to enhance his stories. He has also created a continuously evolving world for his zombie novels:
Both of my books take place in the fictional city of Marble Cliffs, Arizona. With each story I write, I add to the backstory of the town's origin, its founders and important landmarks such as the lake and the cemetery.
In addition to zombie books, Loh is  the editor for the 'Possessions' anthology of short horror stories. His short sotry form that collection is currently being made into a movie.

What Makes Paul Loh Unique?

Paul Loh explains that his books are eclectic:
My stories mix elements of horror, sci-fi, spirituality, cryptozoology, history, the paranormal, biblical theology, mythology, aliens, music, humor and Asian culture.  I also sprinkle in homages to my favorite movies, songs, TV shows and books Easter egg style. All this somehow morphs together into a single narrative. The historical backgrounds of the families of both my mother and my father figure prominently in the back stories of some of the key characters in both of my books.
 Loh has written about spirituality, relationships, music, and survival themes in a wide range of media, including web-based and print publications.

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