Zombie Author Travis Adkins

Zombie Author Travis Adkins

Travis Adkins is the author of the "Twilight of the Dead" series of zombie novels:
Twilight of the Dead

After Twilight: Walking With the Dead

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About Travis Adkins

Travis Adkins is a US author. He and his wife enjoy traveling.

Adkins has been closely involved with Permuted Press since 2008. He was an active member of that publisher's online community in its early days. As a member there, he detailed the progress of creating After Twilight in 2009. 

In 2011, he teamed up with UK author Iain McKinnon for an appearance in Glasgow, Scotland. Fans at Permuted are eager to see a third book in the series.

What Makes Travis Adkins Unique?

Travis Adkins has edited several zombie books. Notably, he is credited as the editor for two books in Z.A. Recht's classic Morningstar series. Travis Adkins is listed as editor for Plague of the Dead and  Thunder and Ashes.

Adkins also edited the short story collections The Undead: Skin and Bones and The Undead: Flesh Feast.  In the original collection, The Undead, Travis Adkins contributed the introduction.

Mr. Adkins has also edited books by Bowie V. Ibarra, Wayne Simmons, J.L. Bourne, and Jason Hornsby.

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