Zombie Author Patrick D'Orazio

Zombie Author Patrick D'Orazio

Patrick D'Orazio is the author of the Comes the Dark  series of zombie novels:
Comes the Dark  
Into the Dark  
Beyond the Dark
Two more novels are planned for the series, both to be published before the end of 2014.

D'Orazio is also an accomplished short story author. A few of his published zombie stories:
"A Soldier's Lament" in Eye Witness: Zombie, also available as a stand-alone story  
"Humans Being Human" in Zombiality (of which, one reviewer said: "Separately, the story by Patrick D'Orazio is worth the price of the book alone.")  
"The Woeful Tale of Dalton McCoy" in The Zombist: Undead Western Tales  
"What's Eating You?" in Zombies Gone Wild
"Legacy" in Live and Let Undead
Patrick D'Orazio also contributed to the collaborative zombie book  Letters from the Dead

About Patrick D'Orazio

Patrick D'Orazio and his wife Michele live in Ohio. They have a daughter named Alexandra and a son named Zachary. All the family members treasure their three "spastic" dogs. D'Orazio began writing when he was a teen, but did not seek publication till much later in his life.

As an adult, Patrick decided that  the stories he'd been scribbling all those years deserved more than to simply "be tossed into a file cabinet, never to be seen again." Within a short time, he had published over twenty five different short stories in various collections and anthologies. Many of those publications came from small independent publishers.

His first three novels, known as "The Dark Trilogy," were originally released by The Library of the Living Dead Press.  After being picked up by Permuted Press, the works were significantly revised and edited. They are in the process of being re-released, beginning with Comes the Dark in early 2013.

There's plenty more to find out about this interesting zombie author. His website, Tomes of Darkness, is packed with interviews, reviews, and all kinds of interesting articles.

What Makes Patrick D'Orazio Unique?

Patrick D'Orazio loves to read and review books.  Mr. D'Orazio has a multitude of book reviews on his blog. Whenever I need a reliable and thoughtful link for a zombie author, I check D'Orazio's blog first. here's almost certainly an interview or review there. I suspect that many other people also rely on his insights.

In addition to the reviews on his blog, D'Orazio has published  267 reviews on GoodReads and 348 reviews on Amazon.  That's a tremendous amount of reading. Moreover, that's a tremendous amount of thinking and crafting of commentary.

All of Patrick D'Orazio's reviews are the real thing. They're not thinly veiled attempts to promote, sell, publicize, or patronize anything. He's not self-aggrandizing. He's not writing reviews to promote himself.  They are real reviews.  These reviews are solid, too. Each is several paragraphs long, containing references to the book that make it absolutely clear that not only has he read the book in question, he's thought about it, too.

Patrick D'Orazio: Five Descriptive Links 

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