Zombie Author Colin M. Drysdale

Zombie Author Colin M. Drysdale

Colin M. Drysdale is the author of  several zombie books:

 For Those In Peril on the Sea
The Outbreak
Zombies Can't Swim and Other Tales of the Undead
The Island at the End of The World
The Little Book of Zombie Mathematics
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About Colin M. Drysdale

Colin M. Drysdale is already an accomplished technical writer.  Under his real name, he has published academic papers and articles in the field of marine biology. For sombie fiction, Colin prefers to use this  pen name.

Mr. Drysdale's work has won some strong attention over the past few years. Drysdale was the winner on the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for best first novel in 2014.  In 2015,  he was selected as a finalist for the INDIEFAB Book of The Year award for "The Island at the End of the World."

In 2016, Mr. Drysdale was a finalist  for the Indie Book awards in two separate categories: Juvenile Nonfiction and Science/Nature/Environment. 

What Makes Colin M. Drysdale Unique?

Colin M. Drysdale has integrated mathematics instruction into his zombie books. This unique approach makes Drysdale stand out.

Drysdale says:
"When maths becomes the key for surviving in a world where the dead hunt the living, it’s so much more fun. This is the premise behind The Little Book of Zombie Mathematics:  make maths fun by adding the undead. After all, everything’s better with zombies."
 Consider this scenario...
Your machine gun can fire 57 bullets a minute. There are 200 zombies staggering towards you and they’ll reach you in three and a half minutes. Do you have the fire power to kill them all before they get to you?"
 The book offers 25 different mathematics problems, all based on the zombie apocalypse. Most of the problems feature the reader as an endangered survivor. Each problem also offers a carefully explained solution and an explanation of common wrong answers. Drysdale has a complete list of the math problems also posted on his website.
Drysdale cautions readers...
Oh and if you’re wondering what the answer is to the problem above, it’s no you don’t. To find out why, just read the book

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